Things SMEs Can Learn on Social Media Strategizing from Sonko’s Imposter

In the news late in the month of July 2014 was Joseph Gitau Njoki, who was arrested and arraigned in court for allegedly setting up and running a Facebook page under the name of the flamboyant city politician, Mike Sonko, to swindle unsuspecting members of the public. My interest was piqued and I decided to […]

How to Attract Your Target Market to Your Facebook Page

When you setup a Facebook page, the first thing you probably want to see is the number of likes growing. You are likely to adopt any advice that promises to bring in more likes. Perhaps to fill this gap, there are many online establishments always ready to sell you likes and followers. Nothing is wrong […]

How lives Lost in Flight MH17 Will Turn into Just Diplomatic Currency

It is in times like this that I wish there were real hell where people who do humanity harm burn, and heaven where those who are victims of brutality and injustice have their tears wiped. However, that is another debate-no disrespect is meant to those who are believers. I am pushed to think of these […]